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Kerry Collins and the high cost of alcoholism

Kerry Collins and the high cost of alcoholism
Jon Davis - Mon Apr 25, 2011 @ 08:44PM
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"One of the things I had to do in my life was to get humble," [Collins] said. "I had to admit that I can't control alcohol. I got to the point where I knew that alcohol would eventually kill me or I would end up in jail." (From “A Sobering Story” linked below).

Kerry Collins was the first player ever drafted by the new expansion team, the Carolina PantherPicture from Profootball.Scout.Coms, in 1995 and was flouted as the face of the franchise. Defying odds for expansion teams they actually won games. By the 2nd year of both Collins and his team’s careers, they were in the championship game. After losing in the championship, Collins promised the fans that the Panthers were the future of the NFL and that there would be Super Bowls on the horizon.

However, already an infamous partier from his college days, and virtually handed the keys to Charlotte, his alcoholism got out of control. He publically started the downhill slide when in a drunken state he made racial slurs at several team mates that resulted in a physical confrontation. In the following year, after only four games he told his coach his heart was no longer in the game and wished to be released.  On November 2, 1998, he was arrested for drunk driving.

For the 1999 season, the New York Giants signed him. However, he knew he had to get his act together and enrolled himself in rehab. In 2000, now sober and at his peak years, he led the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV.

With a reputation to overcome and his best years behind him though, he has since bounced from several teams, but almost always seems to end up the starting quarterback each time and even went to the Pro Bowl in 2008. Having overcome his problem and currently still playing at the age of 38, sports fans have to wonder how different his career may have been and what would have been the new history of the new team if its leader had not been burdened by alcoholism.

Read more about his story:

A Sobering Story

Collins disaster could Help Cam Newton

Comments: 16


1. Shawn  |  my website   |   Sun Jul 03, 2011 @ 08:27PM

It would have been even more interesting if Kerry would have addressed the root of his alcoholism. We now know that alcoholism is actually a biochemical problem and a metabolic disorder.
His problems could have been easily corrected within just a few weeks.
Too bad that the traditional rehabs and techniques rule the media and have created a false paradigm that is causing thousands to needlessly suffer.
The natural cure for alcoholism works where everything else fails.

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