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VHS Students Charged with Drug Trading

VHS Students Charged with Drug Trading
Rachael Cooper - Mon May 02, 2011 @ 05:38PM
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According to The Post Tribune, 9 freshmen students at Valparaiso High School have been arrested for the use and handling of prescription pills at school.  Some fellow students reported that this could be a possibility and the students were caught.  Four students were charged with dealing and are being detained at the Juvenile Detention Center and the other five were placed on Juvenile Probation for being in possession of an illegal substance.  

These youth have barely started to have their high school experience and now they may never get that chance and for what?  These nine youth are going to have trouble getting their first job, getting their drivers license, even just going out with their friends.  They are going to have a hard time for a long time to come and all for a high that would not even last the day.  

Below is a link to the article:


Comments: 7


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These nine youth will experience difficulty landing their first position, getting their drivers permit, even simply going out with their companions. They will experience considerable difficulties quite a while to come and just for a high that would not by any means last the day.

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