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Knowing the enemy: Opium

Knowing the enemy: Opium
Jon Davis - Sun May 15, 2011 @ 06:44PM
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"The thing is, heroin gets you addicted to heroin. But opium is 40 to 50 different alkaloids, meaning 40 to 50 different drugs I was becoming addicted to." (See the last link below)

Opium is a substance found in poppy seeds. In its processed forms, it is used to make morphine and Opium Plant, taken from Wikipediaheroin. It has been used by humans all the way back to the Stone Age. Traditionally, it has been associated with religious rituals and more commonly for medicinal purposes as a pain killer.

Widespread abuse began in China in the 15th century. Its use in China was largely responsible for the aptly named Opium Wars. Medicinally, it was used until about the American Civil war when morphine began to replace it.

It is addictive. As an abused substance, it is used to create a sense of relaxation and euphoria. In its base form it is not as harmful as its processed forms, but can still cause nausea and in the case of overdose can result in coma or even death.

To read detailed information about it, including its history, affects on the body, and a description of the plant itself, check out these links:

Drugs.com - Mostly focuses on its association with heroin and the effects of that.

Opioids.com - This link gives a very detailed description of the plant.

Wikipedia - Of course, this gives a great overview of the whole topic. Particularly of note is the history portion. The whole article also has 100+ references for further research.

US Drug Enforcement Administration - Basic information on its use in the Unite States.

Confessions of an eBay Opium Addict - An abuser's powerful account of his time spent using opiates.

Comments: 15


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