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Stop the Hush is a non-profit movement dedicated to giving a voice to people who are struggling with drug addiction, people thinking about using, to the parents who don't know who to turn to, to peers who see their friends using or considering using, to a community who has struggled to discuss a growing issue, and to people who have recovered from addiction. Stop the Hush exists to encourage, inform, and inspire people to communicate the struggle of drug addiction. 




Our vision is hope.  It is a hope that our children will someday know how to deal with life's pain without using.  That we will always put our children, individuals, and community first.  That drug abuse will be talked about openly among parents, children, and the community.  It is a hope that prevention will be addressed and programs implemented to educate and inspire our youth.  A hope that treatment centers will welcome all patients regardless of insurance coverage, that doctors will use caution when writing prescriptions, and that hospitals will have proper detox programs.  It is our hope that we will no longer judge others for their struggles in life.  We hope our voice will stop the hush and begin the healing. 





Stop the Hush began after watching friends and family struggle to let go of their addictions and find a way to stay sober and make positive decisions.  We were connected with people who had kept silent about their own struggles and addictions and were looking for a way to express their self.  The organization continued to grow and four months after inception, one of our best friends died from a drug overdose.  We kept going with the realization that our voice is only the beginning of the process.  Discussing the problem of drug abuse must be paired with proper treatment and education.  Communities must come together to deal with the problem so individuals and families are not fighting it alone. 


We look so pretty, but our statistics are much more scary. Porter County is third in the nation per capita for drug overdoses and er visits related...